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hiir (히어) - Before I fall asleep (잠들기 전에 (Feat. Blue.D))

하루 중 제일 많은 생각이 떠오르는 시간.

부디 오늘 밤은 당신도 따뜻한 품에서 잠들 수 있기를.


Composed by hiir

Lyrics by hiir, Blue.D

Arranged by hiir

Computer Programming, Drum, Synth, Piano by hiir

Guitar by 전준희(12기 기타전공)

Bass by 민동준(7기 베이스전공)

String Arranged by hiir

Violins by 윤예지

Chorus by Blue.D

Recorded by KRUGER’s Studio

Mixed by 진유석

Mastered by 권남우 @ 821Sound Mastering

Photo & Artwork by 이지선, hiir

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